Awe-inspiring Photos That Will Shake You To The Core

Image Credits: WittyFeed

We all are humans

In this photo, a three-week-old pale skinned child sleeps beside his cousin. Colour, race, and diversity should never isolate us.

Image Credits: WittyFeed

Feeding poor animals

We as a whole do this with poor road creatures wandering down the lane. In any case, here is an astounding photo of a priest feeding a tiger.

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Anti-war protest

Here is a photo of a seventeen-year-old Jan Rose Kasmir who offered a flower to officers during the anti-war protest in 1967.

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Boundaries can’t prevent us from joining together

This photo was caught in Kosovo when a kid was gone through the security barrier of a refugee camp to reach his grandparents.

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Taking care of unfortunate ones

In this photo, a man is playing a bamboo flute to entertain a disabled kid whom he adores like his child.

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Reading ‘Vogue

This lady belongs to Mursi tribe of Ethiopia. She is blessed enough to experience ‘Vogue’ for the first time.

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The life of a surgeon

This photo depicts a 23-hour long surgery where a surgeon is sitting close to the patient while his assistant is resting in the corner.

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We have Saviours

In this photo, a firefighter is saving the life of a young lady in the USA.

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Overcome their fear

In this photo, these individuals from China prevented a lady from committing suicide.

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Together, we pray for peace

Here is a photo depicting 100,000 priests appealing to God for world peace.

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Here, they are after genocide

This photo capture students of a classical ballet school in Rwanda. It showed up after the genocide.

Image Credits: WittyFeed

Despite being helpless, she didn’t let this cat go

A little girl from Guatemala sticks to her cat despite the fact that all isn’t well with her family.

Image Credits: WittyFeed

First mother in space

This photograph is of Astronaut Anna Lee Fisher who became the first mother to go in space.

Image Credits: WittyFeed

Soldiers are next to God

In this photo, a fighter encourages a two-week-old cat during the Korean War. Astonishing, isn’t it?

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Salute his spirit of protest

A man protests on Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989.

Image Credits: WittyFeed

Scars of death camp

This picture captures the deadly scars of a young man from Rwanda.

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Her husband was a hero

This photo demonstrates a lady crying next to the grave of her significant other only a day prior to their wedding anniversary.

Image Credits : WittyFeed

Humanity transforms miseries into hope

A little girl holds the hand of an American soldier.