Epic couple photos that are too bizzare to be true

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he Hipster Grandparents

These two appear to be an ideal fit for each other. What’s more, I can see a more of these in near future. I bet, their grandkids are conceived vegetarian.


Love the ‘Inner Geek’

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A few people never grow up. They learn out how to treasure their adolescence interestingly. Furthermore, these couples know how to catch ’em all!

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When you need to bring a photograph with your life partner, however, can’t choose what gender to put on!

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Bye Bye Birdie

We have seen wedding photographs where the couple liberates the winged creatures to symbolize a fresh start of their lives. Be that as it may, I think, here, winged animals are in no condition to fly. Please, someone, tell them this.

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The Knight in shining armor

Looks like he is quite protective of his girl. A cool choice for wardrobe, though

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Let’s go bananas

If you share your food with your partner, your adoration will become stronger. I figure this couple is taking it to another level.

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Staying together

As a couple, they make a stunning… Ahem… combine, you know. Hold up – what were you thinking.

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I figure it is safe to state that these individuals are quite obsessed with kittens.

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Got my eyes on you!

When you adore your Bae yet you are anxious they might cheat on you?

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Poles apart

These folks are stuck together like magnets. Evidently, two extremes do attract each other.

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The Goth couple

It would appear that they went to a metal show, and walked out with a whole new attitude towards life.

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Oddly adorable

This couple is showing their beautiful love, celebrating her pregnancy and his beer gut!

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The difference is palpable 

Out of Your League.” This is what this picture reflects!

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The duck and the rooster

The longer I look at this image, the weirder it gets

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The Gym Romance

When you become hopelessly enamored with the person on your gym center and breathe life into him.


The perfect cosplay

The individuals who say that ‘flawless cosplay’ doesn’t exist, they should see this one from ‘Jabba, the Hutt’ and ‘Princess Leia’.

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The decision of your life

When you are ready to get married to your love but can’t figure out what gender to display!

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This is a Halloween costume where you are giving birth to your love. Cannot understand how many things are wrong with this image.