Kangana Ranaut Now Teams Up With AIB To Call Out Chauvinism In Bollywood

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Collaborated With AIB

The Queen actress has collaborated with the comedy collective All India Bakchod to get out the easygoing sexism in the Hindi film industry.

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Next Release Simran

Kangana Ranaut who is at present preparing for her next movie, Simran, knows how to place things in context. She doesn’t mix words and has no second thoughts about tolerating her past.

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Legal Battle

The National Award-winning actress recently appeared in a series of explosive interviews, made news for making remarks on the fight in court with performer Hrithik Roshan a year ago, and requesting a statement of regret from him and his dad Rakesh Roshan.

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Mission To Expose

Ranaut who has officially shaken the biggies from the film business in the wake of starting the nepotism talk about is presently on some kind of mission to “uncover” Bollywood’s decades’ involved acquaintance with casual chauvinism.

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Video Out- Bollywood Diva Song

The humorous video features the evil treatment of on-screen characters on the sets by confused misogynist movie producers. The seven-minute long video aptly describes the discrimination that women have to face in the film industry.

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Got Viral

The video titled – The Bollywood Diva Song highlighting the exceptional humorist Varun Thakur has more than 350k views on the video in a matter of a couple of hours.

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Plot of the Video

In the video, Kangana is trying to introduce herself to the director of the song. And funnily enough, he fails to recognize the actor when she tells him her name “Priya” or by her role in the film, “female lead.” Because for him, the so-called-heroine has only one purpose, playing the hero’s “love interest”.

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The video can’t avoid using a specify of yet another debate around Ranaut. “I didn’t compose the lyrics of this melody,” she said this towards the end and promoting his upcoming movie “SIMRAN”.

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Sexism in Bollywood

As Ranaut breaks into a move, the verses call attention to a few of Bollywood’s most glaring characteristics including the inclination of Hindi movies to take close-ups of female midsections.

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Comedy Group AIB

Comic drama aggregate AIB has been known to spoof the Bollywood’s characteristic sexism with their sarcastic punches, for example, the melodic video Harassment Through The Ages, which record the manhandle that female characters are subjected to in Hindi movies.