Movies EVERY Girl Should Watch By The Time She’s 21!

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If you haven’t watched this Kangana Ranaut’s hit then stop all that you are doing and find yourself a DVD now! Kangana has given every girl some serious life goals with this one. Obviously, the acting is great but the storyline is impeccable too.

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Mean Girls

Time to return to the high school drama with this work of art. A very entertaining motion picture from the perspective of a self-taught young lady who has just joined the school and faces the most deadly lady gang ever. We’ve all got a little mean-ness inside ourselves, correct? It’s about how we let it out.

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English Vinglish

Before you watch this motion picture, go and give your mom a big kiss! You would want to do it once you are finished watching it. Sridevi, the great spouse, and mother of two children, does not know English too well and is ridiculed by her husband and her children. She joins an English teaching course abroad and finds a piece of herself that lies past the spouse and mother.

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Mamma Mia

What’s a motion picture list without a melodic, eh? Also, what more melodic than the one that has Meryl Streep! Watch this carefree comic drama of a mother, her girl, and three fathers! Yes, you read that right! Watch it for the disarray, the amusingness, the stunning Meryl Streep and each one of those ABBA tunes that, believe us, you will never get over.

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The Devil Wears Prada

The fallen angel doesn’t appear with horns and a tail any longer, it appears in high foot heels wearing Prada! In spite of the fact that your manager won’t be as awful as Anne’s in this one, this film will be your “how to manage your supervisor 101”

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Vidya Balan has wowed us with each execution as far back as Hum Paanch, however in Kahaani she, alongside chief and essayist Sujoy Ghosh, takes it up an indent. A dramatization spine-chiller, Kahaani takes you crosswise over Kolkata demonstrating a pregnant lady’s look for her better half. Yet, where is he…and in particular, who is he? In an admirable curve, the kahaani changes! Much like life, wouldn’t you say?

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Sonam Kapoor’s delightfully new and genuine depiction of a gullible rich young lady, her life, companions, family, thoughts, and propensities will leave you enchanted.

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A hot-headed little girl, her unconventional father, a tired-with-his-life taxicab proprietor and a street trip that unites them all. A thought-provoking film, it teaches some great things about life –  insaan ka emotion uske motion se juda hai. Piku is definately a must watch.

He’s Just Not That Into You

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Try not to get frightened by the title. He’s Just Not That Into You is the rom-com that is really genuine with regards to sentiment. It rotates around the lives of five ladies and four men who find and lose love in different ways.

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 Freaky Friday

We adore our mothers yet we’ve all had those “Stop it, mother!” minutes, isn’t that so? Imagine a scenario where, for one day, you switch lives with her. Sounds like a bad dream, doesn’t it? Watch this hilarious movie featuring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis to find out more.

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Monsoon Wedding

We saved the best for the last! You have incredible on-screen characters like Naseeruddin Shah and Lillete Dubey in this one. A bride with a secret, a stressed father, their relatives from all across in India and of course -Randeep Hooda! Do you require any more motivations to watch this one?