New Teen Sensation in the Brigade of Bollywood

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Kabir Bedi’s granddaughter

Nowadays everybody is checking out newbie girls in the Bollywood. After Alia Bhatt, Jahnvi Kapur, Sara Ali Khan who have given amazing performances, a new sensation has been added to the league. She is none other than teen diva Aalia Furniturewalla, apparently more popularly known as Pooja Bedi’s daughter and Kabir Bedi’s granddaughter.

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One step ahead of mother

As we all know Pooja Bedi has been a big name during 90’s for being a bold and beautiful actress, but seeing the recent photo shoot of her daughter we can definitely say that she is one step ahead of her mother.Believe me, she is an enhanced version and more confident sight of her mother.

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Glamorous avatar is worth-a-compliment

Currently, there might not be any news regarding her launch at the movies, but seeing her glamorous avatar, she is definitely a next big sensation who is on the top list of many well-renowned producers and directors.

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More than three million Instagram followers

Alia is quite popular on Instagram. She has more than 3 million followers on her verified page.

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 Born in 1997 Alia

Pooja Bedi married Farhan Furniturewala in 1994.The couple’s daughter Alia was born on November 28, 1997, in Mumbai.

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Parents divorced

However, the couple got divorced in 2003. Alia also has a younger brother Oman Ibrahim.

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 Beauty with Brains

Alia is also known to be quite intelligent in studies. Given IGCSE board exams she got 90% marks.

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Graduated from Oxford

Alia has graduated from Oxford University which is one of the prestigious university around the world.Whenever asked her about her debut in the movies she was very sure, that she wanted it to focus on her studies as of now.

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Painting, writing a Hobby

Alia is extremely fond of hockey, football, and swimming.Apart from this she also has interest in painting, drawing, writing and baking.

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Holds Filmmaking hobbies

Being from a star-studded family, acting is definitely in her blood. Being part of the film industry since childhood she also has a keen interest and passion in filmmaking.

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Next big Teen sensation

19-year-old Aalia Furniturewalla seems to be the next big teen sensation. She is never afraid to voice her opinion. A few months ago, a website published her images, which made many social media users slam her for ‘showing off too much skin.

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Shut the trolls

She shut the trolls down with her response. She made it clear that her clothes have nothing to do with her character, and it’s her personal choice. Since then, the girl is an inspiration for many teenage girls.

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From ladylike dresses to fun jumpsuits, she certainly knows how to make the right choices. These pictures that she has posted on her Instagram have plenty of fashion lesson for young girls.We wish to see her onscreen soon.