Normal Things You Must Not Dare To Do In Dubai


Don’t drink in public

With regards to drinking out in the open places in Dubai, you are supposed to follow and respect the rules. So don’t ever think of having alcohol while driving else you will be in a messed up situation.However, foreign residents can consume alcohol at home if they have a permit.


Don’t do drugs

Dubai has strict rules towards drug possession, consumption, and offering of ill-conceived and poisonous substances. In this way, say ‘NO TO DRUGS’ in Dubai. A few explorers have been kept behind the bars for conveying codeine-based painkillers in their pack.


No Song and Dance

If you have the strong desire to dance on the streets of Dubai, keep your thirst under control.Dubai has zero tolerance towards individuals playing boisterous music in the city.



All things considered, individuals in Dubai are not all that cool about PDA as they view it as obscene. Once, a British couple was kept behind the bars for engaging in sexual relations on the shoreline. Indeed, even the easygoing peck on the cheek isn’t entertained in Dubai. To remain on a safe side, avoid from all sorts of PDA.


No nudity

This rule not just applies to the young ladies who wish to go topless but as well as for men who need to flaunt their six packs; they should be appropriately dressed up, even on the running tracks.


Keep style sensible

Try not to show off your curves and skin; else you’ll be fined. However, Dubai has got all the most fashion trends but there have been a few limitations on ladies on wearing short and scanty garments.



Numerous voyagers want to capture the photos of individuals wearing their national clothing. However, you should be respectful towards their traditions and customs. It is thought to be pushy and ill-bred, if you capture their photos without their consent, particularly of ladies.


Mind your tongue

Avoid using abusive and vulgar language in Dubai. A tourist was charged for using a word f***. And don’t ever dare to speak anything against Islam. Keep your opinions and insights within yourself; freedom of speech is not acceptable in Dubai.


Watch your wallet

In spite of the fact that Dubai has moderately low crime rates, some crimes still do occur here. It’s smarter to be alert than to be sorry.


Keep your LGBT lifestyle clandestine

Numerous nations are getting to be noticeably open to LGBT way of life; UAE is still not ready to acknowledge this culture. Any gay relations are considered crime in Dubai. Indeed, even the cross-dressing is not allowed in Dubai.


Don’t eat in public during Ramadan

Individuals regardless of their religion are not permitted to crunch, gulp or puff away in places in the month of Ramadan. Even biting of gum is viewed as rude. Try not to smoke or drink at open spots. However, you can eat at the restaurants and inside your home. Pregnant women and kids have exempted from this rule.


Don’t use your left hand

It is said that individuals in Dubai don’t utilize left hands to eat, open entryways and shake hands as they view it as unclean (regardless of the possibility that it is washed). In this manner, avoid from utilizing left hand in Dubai.


Image Credits: Urbo

Different Traditions

Diverse nations have distinctive traditions and customs. Things that are suitable in your nation may not be viewed as satisfactory in different nations and at times can even be considered as illegal.

Image Credits: Urbo

Traveler’s Favorite

Dubai is a standout amongst the most looked for after spots, situated in the Persian Gulf, and can without much of a stretch be named as travelers top pick. Nonetheless, certain things ought not to be done in Dubai and each future explorer must know them.