Odd Habits Of Bollywood Actors Which Will Leave You Surprised!

Image Credits: India Times

Salman Khan

He is quite a freak about collecting soaps. The actor is so insane of his habit, that he has an extraordinary collection of cleansers from around the globe, all handcrafted, designer and herbal ones.He is most likely the best smelling man in Bollywood whose presence on the sets is felt through his aroma!

Image Credits: India Times

Sushmita Sen

As strange as it may sound, however, Sushis is fond of snakes. So much, that she even has a python as a pet in her home! Need more? Sushmita even likes to have a shower on her open terrace where she has clearly set her bathtub.

Image Credits: India Times

Rani Mukerji

We know she is a chain-smoker.But, she is so addicted to the point, that she begins her mornings with a puff. Discuss bed-ciggies!

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Shah Rukh Khan

Absolutely never approach him for a selfie when he is having his food! Ruler Khan hates to get clicked while eating. What’s more, he hates desserts as well! Hold up. There is more. SRK is obsessed with gadgets and computer games. He has a whole floor in Mannat committed to gaming devices and he even welcomes his companions for competitions.

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Amitabh Bachchan

Big B is able to use both hands. Indeed, he can write similarly well utilizing the two of his hands. After his close demise  on the sets of Coolie, his right hand got crippled for a long time. That is the point at which he started writing with his left hand.

Image Credits: India Times

Vidya Balan

She has more than eight hundred sarees in her storeroom and had claimed that she “sees herself in a saree even when she is resting”. She certainly has the vintage hope to carry the style of clothing. She has missed numerous events as she forgets to check her mobile for days.

Image Credits: India Times

Shahid Kapoor

He cherishes his brew. Shahid is so dependent on espresso that he winds up drinking around 10 glasses per day.

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The eternal diva is known for her Kanjivaram sarees. Also, notably, she sticks to a blood red or chocolate-hued lipstick when showing up.

Image Credits : India Times

Aamir Khan

Aamir doesn’t care to take a shower. He once shaved off his head when a young lady rejected him. But, the most prominent one is this – Aamir is known to be one of the greatest pranksters. To such an extent, that he once spat on the palm of an actress.

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John Abraham

He won’t be great at shaking a leg, but rather despite everything he does that! We are discussing the habit of always shaking his leg regardless of the possibility that his family and companions think that it’s irritating.

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Sanjay Dutt

He may have decreased his liquor consumption. Be that as it may, the actor still can’t let go his Gutka.He was even caught consuming tobacco at a cancer awareness even.


Image Credits: India Times

Preity Zinta

She is obsessed with clean bathrooms. She will never utilize any washroom unless it is squeaky clean. Preity even guarantees that she leaves it spic and span subsequent to utilizing it, and checks the bathroom’s cleanliness whenever she books a hotel.


Image Credits : India Times

Sunny Leone

She surprised everyone during the shooting of Jism 2 when her addiction of cleaning her feet every 15 minutes became known. She would keep washing them with water, even if it would delay the shoot.


Image Credits : India Times

Priyanka Chopra

PC is a standout amongst the most organized and sorted actress we have. Also, she even has an obsession for shoes. She obviously claims a collection of more than 80 sets of fashioner shoes of all hues and brands.


Image Credits: India Times

Saif Ali Khan

He is the Nawab in the most genuine sense. His restroom has a library and a phone extension. We think about how much time he takes each morning there.


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Ayushmann Khurrana

The thing he never forgets to carry with himself is his dental kit. Obviously, in light of the fact that he is dependent on dental care and inclined toward brushing his teeth frequently.


Image Credits: India Times

Ameesha Patel

She is completely obsessed with the shading pink. Most piece of her home is done in pink. Indeed, even her wardrobe flaunts her most loved colour.