Pictures You Won’t Believe Exist On Google Maps


The Red River of Iraq

It’s a typical myth that this stream is splendid red in shading because of a close-by slaughterhouse dumping waste into it, well, which is for all intents and purposes is unrealistic. A logical clarification could be because of the erosion of iron and copper.


Airplane dumping ground

This is a plane dumping ground additionally spotted on Google Maps that has many airplanes dumped on its sight. It is likewise open to the common public for visiting.


This man took it all to the next level

A man name ‘Hamad’ needed to leave his blemish on the world so frantically that he took it to the next level.



This is a pure genius!Take a look at the logo of KFC, it was made by tiles of more than 600 hues and took around six days to get collected appropriately. It lies in the Sahara Desert.


Couple was caught

Doing it on the side of a street. They would now wish to have never left that auto at that place.


This school

This school, as the picture indicates has expansive penises drawn cut on its ground and they’ve attempted throughout the years to get this picture off from the Google Maps, but have failed to do so.


Something terrifying

A man asserted to have seen the body of his 14-year-old expired child once over Google Earth.


Desert breath

It started in 1995 is still plainly obvious. It is spread over a million square feet. It is found in the eastern Sahara Desert circumscribing the Red Sea.


Find Wally

As a part of her college project, a student created and assembled this big sized Wally on the roof of a hotel and asked people to play ‘Find Wally’ via Google Earth to find him.

Sheer beauty

This is the Grand Prismatic Spring in the Yellowstone National Park and Google Map has caught its magnificence splendidly.