Things You Face As An Adult If You’ve Been A Victim Of Childhood Abuse

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Emotional Abuse

When growing up, the upbringing that we have gotten is significantly associated with us when we develop as an adult. And I, being a victim of childhood emotional abuse, alongside those individuals like me, would realize that we have certain practices that differentiate us from the rest.

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Asking questions

You’re always doubtful, especially about yourself. A lack of confidence may force you to look for answers even if you have them as you’d feel you’re not too sure about anything. You’ll doubt yourself more in situations when you know you are right, a habit you may have developed from all those criticisms.

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Repeatedly saying sorry

You have a habit of continually saying sorry even when you realize that it’s not your mistake. Victims of child abuse think that they can’t do anything right. So they apologize very frequently.

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When you have lived in a youth that was loaded with chaos, you get used to this sentiment of self-analysis. You question on your abilities, even when you are right.

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Being extremely sensitive

Individuals who have faced child abuse had terrible days back then. Furthermore, by the days they achieve their adulthood, they become sensitive to their own sentiments and as well other’s feelings.

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Doubting others

You, generally, don’t have the habit of effortlessly believing others as soon as others do on you.There is always this element of doubt on others in your mind.

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Extra conscious

You are conscious once in a while as you generally expect that something awful may happen.

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Sensitivity to noise

Victims of abuse might be delicate to loud noises if they’ve been brought up in fear.This generally happens because they have been yelled at in their childhood and they associate loud noise with abuse.

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Introvert by nature

Many abuse victims fear in reaching individuals and to have a discussion with them about their own life. They keep a protected separation with individuals as much as possible.

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Attachment issues

These individuals confront connection issues and dread others abandoning them. They either don’t get attached to anybody and once they do, emotional attachment becomes difficult for them.

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Issues in getting close to someone

A few people, who have faced abuse have issues in drawing near to somebody early.. Because of this, getting attached to somebody isn’t that simple for them.

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Can’t take other’s compliment

When somebody discloses to you how magnificent you will be, you may question their words since you don’t consider yourself to be that great.

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Self-harming behaviour

Many abused children when they come to their adulthood harm themselves. They feel as if they deserve this.

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Mood swings are common

A person who has been abused in childhood get a gush of emotions in a moment. This could be because of the way that they have experienced various blended feelings and hardships.

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Phobia of commitment

Committing to individuals gets hard when you have been harmed by such a significant number of times. They don’t trust effectively somebody to settle with them.